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Entheogens for personal power / Edible Prep

This is a two part show featuring Master Kilindi and Sister Saki. The first hour Master Kilindi will give us an overview of his upcoming event, The Detroit Psychedelic conference. Guest speakers will speak on mushrooms, dmt, ayahuasca, cannabis, lsd, and ibogaine. The location of will be at THE FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH, happening in Detroit, Michigan. Oct 28, 2016- Oct 30, 2016. The second half of the show will present a cannibis expert, Sister Saki.  Sister Saki and her husband have been providing to various communities educational workshops on the preparation, cultivation, history, health benefits, and future applications of natures healing herbs.

Link to the show is here @ MagnetsCrystals&Pyramids 

Saki Fenderson is co-founder of Tainted Love, LLC, a Cannabis lifestyle company with a focus on wellness through responsible, safe Cannabis use via events, seminars and edible medicinal products. After a close family member’s tragic battle with breast cancer, Saki realized that there was an urgent need for a safe, effective method to ingest as well as accessible, honest information about medicinal Cannabis.  Ironically, before embarking on this endeavor in the Cannabis industry, Saki was a prohibitionist and is even allergic to the touch, smell and ingestion of hemp and Cannabis in any form! However, with an inherent passion for the culinary arts and social justice, Saki, her partner and team have shared Cannabis knowledge most recently through a series of cooking classes which include an informational workshop with the basics and diversity of medicinal Cannabis as food.   The next, Tainted Love’s Brunch and Munch Cooking Class, happens this Sunday, October 23rd in Brooklyn.  For more information, check out Eventbrite  atwww.taintedbrunchmunch.eventbrite.com or the Facebook and Instagram pages as  @taintedlovebk.