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Blue Treasure FundRaiser

BlueTreasure GoFundMe

In efforts to help  fundraise for a new camera Infocus247 Decided to donate a short film displaying Tiffany’s efforts. Enjoy!

“5 years+ and bazillion portrait sessions later, I give thanks to Divine for blessing photography in my life. The best part of my passion is the love for capturing light in such a way that it reveals what it is reflecting upon, showing it’s True Light.YH-6 My camera helps me to be in the moment, Innovative, playful, linking mother nature with human nature. Through every image, whether a shoot on the beach, studio, or on the streets of downtown Houston, i can only hope that the photo evoke Inspiration, joy and peace.” -Tiffany

This video was shot with a Canon 5d Mark II, The camera Tiffany is saving up for.


Yogi Selects 23

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.37.22 AM
@YogaBeyond We love teaching first time AcroYogis! Seeing someone fly for the first time never gets old. Off to bed now…inversions and arm balance class at 7am tomorrow. Good night world. For more pics from this TT check out @YogaBeyondSchool #Bali #YogaBeyond


Laurenudick Mantra of the day: I have enough, I am enough.
Laurenudick Mantra of the day: I have enough, I am enough.
@bethpedote_ashtanga "Pare de pensar e deixe as coisas acontecerem....." " stop thinking and just let things happen....." @yogainspiration ✌️
@bethpedote_ashtanga “Pare de pensar e deixe as coisas acontecerem…..” ” stop thinking and just let things happen…..” @yogainspiration ✌️




Apples vs Coffee

Do Apples Have Caffeine?

No. Not even a little bit. Apples, as a pomaceous fruit, do not naturally contain caffeine. They do, however, have about 13 grams of sugar – natural sugar, which is much healthier than the 4 grams of Sweet’N Low mixed into your daily coffee. So despite the high sugar levels, eating an apple is a much healthier alternative to drinking coffee. The sugars are also one of the main reasons apples have similar effects to caffeine.

Vitamins from apples, specifically the skin, are released slowly throughout the body, making you feel more awake. There is no jolt of energy. No mood swings. And, most importantly, no crash. The results wear off as gradually as they started. With this argument, though, any healthy snack can help fight sleepiness. (Snacks that are too sugary or fatty will actually have the opposite effect, causing your body to crash.) So why apples? What do they have that other healthy foods don’t?

REM Sleep

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.41.38 PM

We typically spend more than 2 hours each night dreaming. Scientists do not know much about how or why we dream. Sigmund Freud, who greatly influenced the field of psychology, believed dreaming was a “safety valve” for unconscious desires. Only after 1953, when researchers first described REM (Rapid Eye Movement) in sleeping infants, did scientists begin to carefully study sleep and dreaming. They soon realized that the strange, illogical experiences we call dreams almost always occur during REM sleep. While most mammals and birds show signs of REM sleep, reptiles and other cold-blooded animals do not.

REM sleep begins with signals from an area at the base of the brain called the pons (see figure 2 ). sleep-2These signals travel to a brain region

called the thalamus, which relays them to the cerebral cortex – the outer layer of the brain that is responsible for learning, thinking, and organizing information. The pons also sends signals that shut off neurons in the spinal cord, causing temporary paralysis of the limb muscles. If something interferes with this paralysis, people will begin to physically “act out” their dreams – a rare, dangerous problem called REM sleep behavior disorder. A person dreaming about a ball game, for example, may run headlong into furniture or blindly strike someone sleeping nearby while trying to catch a ball in the dream.

Like deep sleep, REM sleep is associated with increased production of proteins. One study found that REM sleep affects learning of certain mental skills. People taught a skill and then deprived of non-REM sleep could recall what they had learned after sleeping, while people deprived of REM sleep could not.

Source –  Ninds

The Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious contains all of your memories, emotions, beliefs, programs, habits, preferences and drives. It controls all functions of your body, heals and balances you when you’re sleeping. It is the gateway to your other dimensions of your being: your spiritual energy, past lives, akashic record, parallel lives, your mythic reality, symbolic reality, transpersonal reality. Your subconscious is really running the show. Or is it? Your subconscious mind has all this power, but takes its orders from your conscious mind. The thing is, most of us don’t know this and give the subconscious mixed signals. So how good would it be if you intentionally let your subconscious mind know what you want and if you could understand the messages the subconscious was giving you?


Two keys to influencing the power of your subconscious:


1) Understand that your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is imagined. The classic example is to think, right now, of a lemon. A bright yellow, beautiful lemon. In your imagination, cut the lemon open and get a whiff of that lemon scent. Squeeze the lemon into your mouth and feel all the juice, tangy sourness, spreading through your mouth….. chances are, if you are really doing this exercise, by now you are salivating and you are really feeling the sourness of the lemon. Your subconscious treated the experience as real and your body responded.


2) Your subconscious speaks in images, feelings and metaphors. You were able to affect your subconscious mind only with the image of a lemon. So, to give direction to your subconscious it is important to visualize what you want. Also, be aware of the images and metaphors your subconscious is sending you to get your attention on an important matter, to guide you, warn you, help you. They can come in the form of dreams, images, hunches, songs that spontaneously go through your head and even words.

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