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Introducing the Cube


Introducing the cube.
This year we are working on a project titled Introducing the cube. This will be a documentary exploring the idea of simply introducing people to the Cubensis mushroom and documenting their experience. There has been a mis-perception built around the “magic” mushrooms and we wish to show that it is more than you will ever know.

Look forward to How to Grow workshops, yoga  and meditation sessions based around Cubensis.

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I know we have been on hiatus for a week or so. Due to travels and things of that nature the focused faded but we are back and have returned to bring you more information everyday! Travel, Yoga, Meditation, Eating tips, Recipes, Photography, videos and useful knowledge as always!

Yogi Selects up next with LittleYogiJay & Black3Dahlia … creating the featured images riiiight now.

Introducing the cube is still in progress, working on getting all the elements ( workshops, classes, gatherings) in order before we being recording!

Videography and Photography services are available. We have updated our rates and guidelines and look forward to bringing your ideas to life.

Why we do Yoga II ? I think its time we reach out to different Yogis and get a different perspective on why they do yoga. This time around I want to focus on the business side of why people do yoga. Its often taboo to talk about business so I think the challenge of getting people to reveal their authentic truth in a world of namaste, love bubbles and open heart chakras. CURRENTLY IN NEW YORK   looking for trill yogis living life!




Yogi Selects (moments) Series: Yogis Unite! We took a break from Yogi selects but we have decided to pick back up on the series. Customized Q & A’s sent out to yogis of instagram to learn a little more about how and why they practice yoga. Expect a batch of Q&A’s to be developed and sent out to yogis on the 1st of each month.

January Yogi Selects Line Up:

Kay Danai, Namaste Gabi, TheebonyYogini, LittleMsDaisha, Frank Mitchell, IamAfrobella, Flexx_Inkyjaja, DragonFlyYogi, Bryr, MovingMinds2, Black3Dhalia  … and halfapintsizenurse if she would send the Q&A back from last MARCH lol!!! I’m thinking  could the questions i thought of be too hard? either way its been so long I cant remember what I sent.  With that being said I can’t promise I will receive the Q&A’s in January but I definitely create each according to their instagram pics and captions then send them out! Look forward to hearing what these cool, flexible, insightful, open heart yogis and yoginis have to say.


Yogi Focus Series …. Yes we are bringing back the blueprint! Truly I would like to aim for 10 videos monthly but quality is my preference over quantity.  This month we plan to create a short portrait piece with ThePsychicYogi. Kisha is a psychic, healer, yoga instructor plus more! Were also developing a Yoga/Depression PSA with Down2MarsYoga later down the line. I wish I could print a preview from my mind so you could see what I see …. Until then you must wait.


Introducing the cube – Every year I like to take on a passion project. A project that Im personally interested in creating. I’ve been experiencing cubensis for a short 10 years and i’ve always found introducing mushrooms to people very fascinating. With that being said ….. Introducing the cube will be a documentation of people trying, learning and sharing their experience with entheogens specifically cubenesis mushrooms.  Interested?  reach out via contact page and we can have a discussion. New Psychonaughts as well as more experienced are welcomed. I would like to work on this project and release it at the end of this year if possible. Mushrooms not included … kinda 😀