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Daily Focus 042


As I type this the pain I feel from playing basketball makes me believe i’m missing an organ on the right side of my body. Nonetheless we have gathered here today for another Daily Focus.
This Is No Court for Young Men? Basketball tales to open up the flow with.   I discuss Walter Mosley’s Known to Evil lightly and the elements of knowledge I took from it. What would you like prevent for next year? Sharing music and creative expression can be hit or miss! Freestyling the lost art of the Mental Juggernaut.  London in the Jungle at the end of it all. Enjoy

Quotes of the day 

Smoking is the exchange of mind for body

Memory sees further than the eyes

Its better to build bridges than walls


Honorable Mention 

No Dead Air 

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Book Select – Known to Evil , Walter Mosley

When New York private eye Leonid McGill is hired to check up on a vulnerable young woman, all he discovers is a bloody crime scene-and the woman gone missing. His client doesn’t want her found. The reason will put everything McGill cherishes in harm’s way: his family, his friends, and his very soul.

You can find this book on Amazon

This is on the list of completion for this week. So far it has me glued in so I will be talking about this one on an upcoming episode of Daily Focus