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Kundalini Yoga Online w. Look.Withinisha

Kundalini Yoga! Join the upcoming online session this Friday!! Sept 18th the first 10 people to follow @lookwithin.kundalini.yoga will get free pass this week and your love donations are always welcomed!

I’ll also be giving a discount on Kundalini Cube Shirts for anyone that joins the class! Get your yoga mats ready!


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Kundalini Yoga 3.20 with Shakeesha Semone

Peace ATL and all Y’all!! Many of you know that I teach Kundalini yoga (I know I’ve been off of the map for a minute, but we still here doing the work!) but you may not know what kundalini yoga is or what it is like..

If you are interested, come experience it at our Spring Equinox Kundalini Yoga Community Ritual tomorrow , Tuesday March 20th at 730p. You can get your ticket and more info at www.lookwithinyoga.bigcartel.com or just call or text me Shakeesha at 404-324-2155.

I so appreciate you and your support!!

Kundalini Yoga with Shakeesha Semone

Kundalini Yoga… Now we are getting to the good stuff! By good I mean energetic powerful and efficient! It was an early morning wake up for sure and after making the wrong turn more than a few times I found myself in a room full of women ready to activate the serpent within! Class was in session, being led by Shakeesha Semone of @lookwithinyogaphoto tuned!

Online Yoga Sessions Infocus247


OCS Sunday Yoga After Dark  10.12   @ 11:30pm – 12:30 am EST

This will be a pre sleep session that beginners and advanced Yogis can follow along with.  We will be relaxing our minds and body before we doze off and go to sleep!  This session is for the night owls that enjoy the moon glow over the sun shine!

Muyuu New You Mondays 10.13 10:00am – 11:00am

An early morning  60 – 90 minute yoga session dedicated to getting your week starting in the right mood… hopefully! We will end the session with a meditation aimed at putting our weekly goals into perspective and seeing them accomplished with ease.

Energy work Wednesdays  10.15 @ 3:33 pm – 5:03 EST

Energize your wednesday with a  60 – 90 minute yoga session will focus on increasing energy and moving at a fluid pace. Aligning breath with movement and ending meditation by going through each of the your chakras and circulating the energy throughout your body. 1 Crystal will be discussed briefly as well



Be Metaphysical: Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Energy…. What does kundalini energy feel like? I did a hashtag search on instagram this morning on #kundalini to see if anyone shared the “how to’s” or “feeling” of the energy. I only found cool people, pictures and “teachers”. Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.56.48 PMSo I will try to provide my insight and experience. Kundalini/Prana/Qi is built up through conscious breathing, placing attention on the inhalation and exhalation of each breath. At first I felt the energy after about 30 – 60 minutes of conscious breathing using my nose only, tongue to roof of my mouth, relaxed jaw, sitting in comfortable posture or doing yoga. The energy feels like a pressure. it’s like a subtle version of the intense moment before you orgasm. Where will you feel it? It is said to be dormant at the base of your spine (root chakra). Through my experience your thought will control which of the 7 chakras you feel the pressure at. Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.59.31 PMI start from my root chakra and work my way up to the crown chakra and repeat the cycle. I began with using mantras such as lam, vam, yam, ram… etc I prefer using mantras internally. I hope I helped let me know if you can relate! I think the goal is to feel this energy all the time/ be aware of breath. More recently When I focus on my breath I instantly feel it swaying back and forth like a snake until I focus it. For a short period it was a bit annoying but once I realized focusing stopped the swaying sensation It was no longer a discomfort. Ok that’s enough knowledge for today and a few weeks peace and practice internal Alchemy!

Side Effects: I think this energy had something to do with  suddenly losing the desire of eating meat. I became more aware of my breathing and my thoughts were very clear. I had more energy even though I seem to be eating less. Vegetables that I did not eat at all became what I preferred to eat. I never was big on drinking water …. All I drink is water these days.  Controlling when I went to sleep was easier as well, I would simply breathe into the state of sleep.  Sexual orgasms are also controlled by breath and can be used to accelerate the process if you can control it.   These are all the things that happened physically.  There are many metaphysical experiences that I have had during meditations while feeling and gaining a better understanding of what this energy is capable of.  More coming soon
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