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42 Days of Maat

Firehawk has begun the 42 Days of Maat instagram Journey join in and learn about Kemetic Yoga

There’s still time to start on your New Year resolutions. Today is a perfect day to begin with this intense Cancer Full Moon! Join Ona Hawk in Firehawk Yoga Studio’s 42 day challenge that will feature each of the 42 Laws of Maat as the foundation for our daily practice. Along with each law, a pose unique to Kemetic Yoga and/or the YogaSkills Method will be demonstrated with the safest way to move the body along with the power of the breath. Learn why Kemetic Yoga is the original and authentic practice that is for every practitioner of any level, especially those new to Yoga. As well, it’s for anyone who is ready to make changes from within to reach their full potential with a better understanding of their ancestral connection. Beyond a yoga challenge that is to improve just your physical power, this self-explorative “journey” will be putting us into balance, harmony and order with self, others and the Universe… Maat! -Challenge begins at 8:53pm tonight. -Follow @firehawkyoga on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter -Tag your photo with #42DaysofMaat and #FirehawkYoga & share! Your participation is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to sharing this opportunity for transformation with you   !


‪#‎42DaysofMaat‬: Day 1 Law: “I honor virtue” Pose: Preparation Stance As we celebrate this completion with a Full Moon in Cancer, it’s imperative to recognize and embrace what is simply good. Respectability, integrity and morality that you foster in your own life will multiply when you gift it to and respect it within others. Today I honor that innate kindness within you all and in myself so that it grows and connects us deeper with All that is virtuous in Nature. The Preparation Pose in YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga is how we begin our practice, especially a standing sequence. If our balance is not achieved in this position, it can make it more difficult or take a longer time to achieve the benefits from other poses. It is a grounding position, it’s used to created an alignment along the spine that facilitates increased relaxation and flow of life force energy through the body, and as its name states, it is preparing the body and the mind and the spirit to move in Geometric Progression. For detailed instruction for today’s pose visit our facebook page: Firehawk. For more info about Kemetic Yoga visit http://firehawkyoga.com
#42DaysofMaat: Day 2 Law: “I benefit with gratitude” Pose: Sahu (Mummy) Pose Photo credit: infocus247.com Gratitude is one of the most powerful healing tools we have when it is focused inward for self-development. Express thankfulness for your self, your purpose, your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We are constantly given healthful benefits within this sacred temple that is our body, it’s our responsibility to always be grateful so that we stay open to receive what we need (i.e. information, love, healing, etc.) Sahu is a pose used to achieve and perfect a state of total relaxation. When the physical body is free of tension and unnecessary negative energy, the mind is also cleansed free of toxic thoughts and heavy emotions that cause stress and dis-ease. This pose is where the self-healing begins and where all Kemetic Yoga practice should begin for the most beneficial outcome. For detailed instruction on this pose, visit our Facebook page: Firehawk and for more info about Kemetic Yoga visit http://firehawkyoga.com/
#42DaysofMaat: Day 3 Law: “I am peaceful” Pose: Shoshan (Lotus) Pose Peace is a state of being. Surrender to your mind’s and body’s willingness to help you create and maintain its peaceful nature, where we know love, health and livity. The Shoshan (Lotus) Pose is a seated position that fosters a deeper state of meditation. The elongation of the spine along with the opening of the hips free blockages in the body’s energy centers and channels for optimum circulation. It Modification: Crossed-legged sitting position or Half Lotus Sit with legs either crossed, in Half Lotus or in Full Lotus, depending on your level of flexibility. Think of placing the weight of your seat in a pyramid shape with the two seat bones and front of the pelvic bone. Practice Rule of Four Breathing while paying attention to relax and release tension from the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees and feet. The amount of time you spend in the position will increase with practice, as will your ability to relax deeper into the pose. For more info about Kemetic Yoga visit http://firehawkyoga.com/
#42DaysofMaat: Day 4 Law: “I respect the property of others” Pose: Reverse Nut Pose I respect the property of others, I respect the uniqueness of your temple, I respect the Nature that belongs to all of us. The Reverse Nut Pose (aka Wheel, Spider) is a backbend that opens the entire spine, the shoulders and hips while strengthening the leg, core and arm muscles. It is a full body position that tones and strengthens the muscles of the heart, making this pose a subtle but effective cardiovascular workout. Back bends balance out forward bends and when practiced with proper alignment, they stimulate the central nervous system and encourage a free flow of life force energy. Lie on your back and hold your ankles with feet flat in perfect alignment with the shoulders. Inhale and lift pelvis high, exhale and roll your shoulders underneath themselves, inhale and lift left arm up and exhale palm flat under left shoulder, inhale and lift right arm up and exhale palm flat under right shoulder. Inhale and distribute weight between heel of palms and flat feet, exhale lifting core higher and allowing head to come up from floor, fully extending into the pose. Practice Rule of Four Breathing throughout, coming out of the pose along with the breath the same way you went into it. Tip: it helps to place the hands as far under the shoulders as possible before rising to achieve proper placement of the shoulders directly above the wrists once up in the pose. For more info about Kemetic Yoga visit http://firehawkyoga.com/
#42DaysofMaat: Day 5 Law: “I affirm that all life is sacred” Pose: Standing Forward Bend I affirm that all life is sacred and it confirms by making its presence know. Nature in unexpected places, light spilling through a hole into darkness, the simplicity of the Breath…allowing these moments to recall the what is sacred to you. Begin the Standing Forward Bend from the Preparation Stance (Day 1). Inhale, elongating the spine and bringing the hands to the front of the thighs, then straighten the knees and drop your chin to your chest before exhaling the upper body down with ease and relaxing the torso on top of the thighs. You can put a micro bend in the knee to relieve stress from the lower spine while helping the upper spine and shoulders to relax deeper. Let the knuckles fall toward the mat for a whole breath, then inhale flipping the wrists so that you can exhale and release the palms flat on the mat, keeping the chin in toward the chest. After a whole breath in this position, straighten the knees and use the breath on the next inhale to roll the upper body back on top of the hips, allowing the chin to release last, then exhale the body back into Preparation Stance. Each of the four parts of the Rule of Four Breathing is coordinated with a step in transitioning into and out of the pose. This is known as Geometric Progression in the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic Yoga. For more info about Kemetic Yoga visit http://firehawkyoga.com/






Yoni Self-Defense I

@bluetreasurephotography:  Why are they beating the pussy up? ……….Why? @scorpioemperor4

Hit it with the left
Hit with the right
Im’a knock the pussy out like fight night
Fight Night by Migos

The Eclectic          @Scorpioemperor4

Why is physical abuse to the yoni a cool trend in the music lyrics these days. Why is it you see constant masculine aggression everywhere, especially in the porn industry? The verbal tone in it’s self causes my womb to turn sideways. Sex is and has always been connected to spirit, a spiritual gift used to give, receive, connect, and create. The one thing that determines us to be Wombman, is our vagina, our yoni, our womb, where we carry life for 9 months, where creation begins. Now it’s being mistaken as a place of disconnected intercourse that involves not much deep thought at all, other than, “ beating that pussy up.”

The problem is that there are many men who do truly believe we enjoy this. Not enough woman are speaking up and letting men know that it really doesn’t get down like that. Some hardcore sex, every once in a while happens, there are definitely intense moments , …………………but surely not on a day to day basis. The yoni was never designed for hardcore friction. It’s delicate, …..soft and designed to heal and nurture.

The Sensual Soul @Bluetreasurephotography

Women! If your not taking the time to connect with your vagina, knowing what you like based on your own touch, caring for it properly, looking at it and checking her out, making sure she’s good. YES! I said Look! You have to constantly beware of what’s going on down there, It’s your Body!. Know yourself, Love yourself. Being consciously aware of what you put into your body and understanding that everything you expose your body to, reflects through your yoni. Not treating it right,……. the Vagina speaks . Ask @Nuclearmama and she Will, respond. Tenderness, bruising, bladder infections, cramping, bleeding, yeast infections, inflamed cervix, and the list goes on. #vaginaspeaks #craziness

We, as Women have the power to enlighten these men to understand the Yoni’s worth but only when we start to understand our own Yoni power. Woman! We have the power to educate our maati33men on not just the anatomy of the vagina but the understanding to what turn us on sexually as well as the spiritual connection to it all. This will require us to let go of media brainwashing, what we were taught in school, and porn influences! We, Woman, are much more Powerful and have all the energy to get the awareness across the world that, “ Beating up the Pussy doesn’t essential turn us on! It’s paying much respect, attention an love to the place where we all come from, The Yoni. That is what turn us on. The place where all life begins, ………….in the darkness, a reflection of the universe . #yoniempowerment

These are a few books I would recommend reading on the subject.

Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit by Queen Afua
Tantric Secrets for Men: What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know about Enhancing Sexual Ecstasy by Kerry Riley

Tantric Orgasm for Women Paperback – by Diana Richardson

Holistic Sexuality: A Practical Guide to Sexual Healing by K. Akua Gray

Passion Play by Felice Dunas

The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus C. Camphausen

Photography by: Nubi Raet

Written By: Maati Ra , @BlueTreasurePhotography

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