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Be Metaphysical- Will To Run Day 4 – 7

 Day 4 7.26

Okay so today I think I can run from Texas to New York haha.. These youtube videos will pump you up to do some challenging things. Ive decided to keep it in town. I wanted to push for at least 6 – 10 miles today.  I have a route planned out and an idea to run downtown  but Im thinking about just winging it and running to a few places and calculating the route on the map once I return….

( 10 minutes later)

Eff it! were going for the downtown run. Don’t mind the time in the photo below…. they think im an olympic runner or something. I think this will take me more than 3 hours but some of it is downhill so I’m kinda hoping that helps me out in the long run. I WILL be taking the train back and I already have a break planned out for tomorrow after I do this.  The best thing about this route is that WATER is at the end of it. Yes that is a mandatory finish line for me. I must be drenched in some water. Ill bring my phone with me this time just in case I collapse. Okay Im heading out at 10:30 so that gives me 40 minutes to get my mentality together!  Ill have my phone so photos shall be interesting if i take any. I was going to bring something like a fanny pack but didn’t want the extra weight so a sock from skyzone was perfect to fit my cash, coins, metro card, life alert  and crystals (rose quartz and lapis). The only set back is that my dollars might get soggy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.46.09 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.00.34 AM

If you would like to view this route click www.plotaroute.com/route/255894

10:30 am  Currently importing an album ( Good Kid M.A.A.D City) that I think I should listen to for this mission.  The mental prep feels like the most important part to me without that I don’t think I would be able to get through. This album should be done in 5 minutes and we are gooooone!  Ahhh the anticipation of if I will make it.

4:00pm •  I MADE IT  AHHHHHHHOUch!!! ( excitement)  okay but lets rewind…

1st mile thoughts – it’s kinda hot (97 degrees) , man things look really different when your not driving.  I’m really doing this right now. I’ve never tried to run this far what has gotten into me…. I see so many more police cars on foot… My right shoulder is tight … Must have slept funny last night .. Okay focus !!!

3rd Mile – (#4) on the map – I made a stop to grab coconut water and a banana. I run shirtless and I didn’t really think they would mind me coming in real quick paying and jetting out. So I get to the counter and the lady takes my money stops for a second then ask where is your shirt….. -_- in my mind I have already left the store once she said that. So I answer ” It is in my pocket” she says I can’t serve you without it… I turn around and run out. I made it to the side walk and said wait I forgot my money lol! Ran back grabbed it and continued running. Everything happens for a reason and I didn’t really want to stop anyway. Though I knew the next store was about a mile or two ahead and it was getting intense felt my tongue drying up a little. I pushed through it and made it to the next store. My body couldn’t afford to be denied liquid for the second time so I just put my shirt on before I went inside.

5th Mile (#6) on the map – This is slightly brutal…97 degrees but it felt cooler because of the sweat. I’m not a runner but this summer I have been drawn to strengthening my weakness! This was a crucial moment. I stopped to get 2 waters for hydration some mango juice for sugar and pineapple juice for flavor and more sugar. At this point I’m about 5 miles deep and like I said I’m not a runner so being the thirst bob that I am I start chugging lol 30 seconds passed and I felt a knot in my stomach and was forced to sit down at a bus stop. I had to decide if I was going to continue running or wait for this bus to come then return home. I forced myself to burp it out as I walked. About 3 minutes later I felt good and picked up the run again.

Point #8 – 12 • at this moment I’m really just on auto pilot. My body is running and it feels like I’m just my mind and my responsibility is to make sure my body gets what it needs to survive the path I’ve set for it to run. I truly felt they were separate because even at the slightest thought of walking my body would slowly adjust to start a walk but I would say no ( mentally) and then I just kept running. It was weird in a realization of mental control kind of way. The sight of buildings really amped me up lol I was seeing street and trees up until this point in the run so when I turned the corner to see buildings from Buckhead I knew I was getting somewhere. I also passed a blue heron reserve ( Where did that just come from) The things you miss when driving…

Point #1214 I’ve made it to the next street.. Peachtree  st. 😎  there were 3 streets total and I used those  as encouragement checkpoints. It felt good to be almost there even though it was a substantial amount left. The next stop I made was at another station this time I needed a banana because I felt my right thigh starting to cramp up a bit. I’m familiar with this feeling from basketball.  I simply slowed my pace down but continued moving until I made it to the bananas.  I quickly ate the banana and slooooowly sipped the apple juice and water as I ran… This stretch wasn’t too eventful outside of almost getting hit by a car in the same spot I almost got hit driving one time. That was weird irony, I should stay away form that location.
Point #15 – With both eyes squinting, focus fading in and out, I finally get close enough to read the bright green street sign reflecting Spring st in the sun! ( FINALLY)  It felt like I was at the last stretch before the finish line and I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s like I was in a state of disbelief. I’m actually almost at the end of this physically demanding adventure. 5 minutes later I’m thinking to myself maybe I’m not as close as I think lol the pain grew more and I just wanted to make it to the end. Quick apple juice stop and mind you I foolishly left my debit cards and didn’t calculate these drinks so Im down to my last 2.50 for the train ride back. Now i’m rationing my juice accordingly.  I continued running but at this point I just decided to walk quickly. Running was taking a toll on my thigh.  
As I approached Olympic park I scan with my eyes for the water coming out of the ground which wasn’t as appealing in person as it was in my mind. Before I went to wet my hair I flopped down on a bench and hit so hard that I caused a chain reaction of small cramps throughout my body. Public park full of people … perfect timing. I managed to control the muscle spasms for the most part.  That was the moment I realized this might hurt later but the fact that I just did this felt so good !

I didn’t stay too long because I was sore and didn’t want to cramp up more by relaxing. So I walked to the train station for the cool down process and made it back to the lab for coconuts and hundreds of mangos! This was definitely a learning experience. Pace is key and knowing solutions to the problems that arise can help you make it to your goals!  Until next time Peace  and Run it! I’m taking a few days off!