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MovingArtATL Anniversary Show 4.21

Its that time again!!!

April 21st we celebrate our 3 year anniversary with another level to our movement… ” I AM MOVING ART ” .

Everything has an art form and that art starts with you. Here at MovingArtExperience we are taking the time to recognize the ART that you are with a phrase..an affirmation, a mantra, a movement that acknowledges the greatness in you… ” I AM MOVING ART “


MovingArtATL 2 Tickets Now Available


Watch the video clips below to see the epic night of Yogis and Artist coming together for MovingArtATL Part 1. Tickets are limited order while they are still available!  This is the hottest show in Atlanta that you do not want to miss!  Click the picture above to purchase your tickets. Go to MovingArtATL.com For Exclusive One on One  Interviews from the Artist and Yogis that will be participating in the show.



Moving Art ATL : FakeSavian

It felt like one of those warm enough to make you sweat but windy enough to cause a chill kind of days In Atlanta. A nice journey through midtown to meet an artist that creates visual expression I personally can relate to made the walk well worth it. I arrived at the secret location to see @fakesavian enjoying some cheese fries. I began setting up the camera and cumbersome lavaliere microphones as the waiter sat a Bloody Ginger Mary on to the gadget clutter table in front of me. I took a few sips.. Liquid pasta it is the best way I can describe the taste and aroma. We began the interview.. Perspective .. Visually or narratively it is getting the experience across to you as if you were there with us. I feel that is what makes expression of any form great when the energy is received in the same nature as it was expressed. Infocus247.com MovingArtATL.com