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Online Yoga Sessions Infocus247


OCS Sunday Yoga After Dark  10.12   @ 11:30pm – 12:30 am EST

This will be a pre sleep session that beginners and advanced Yogis can follow along with.  We will be relaxing our minds and body before we doze off and go to sleep!  This session is for the night owls that enjoy the moon glow over the sun shine!

Muyuu New You Mondays 10.13 10:00am – 11:00am

An early morning  60 – 90 minute yoga session dedicated to getting your week starting in the right mood… hopefully! We will end the session with a meditation aimed at putting our weekly goals into perspective and seeing them accomplished with ease.

Energy work Wednesdays  10.15 @ 3:33 pm – 5:03 EST

Energize your wednesday with a  60 – 90 minute yoga session will focus on increasing energy and moving at a fluid pace. Aligning breath with movement and ending meditation by going through each of the your chakras and circulating the energy throughout your body. 1 Crystal will be discussed briefly as well



Live After Hours 60 min Yoga Session 10.12

I will be scheduling a few online yoga classes to give Muyuu a try!  Our first class will be a duration of 60 minutes on Oct 12th @ 11:30pm – 12:30am For all my night owls that practice once the moon shows itself! There will be 10 Free Spots and its first come first serve! The 11th- 20th Spot will be available for $5.00… Register Here 

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If you are a yoga Instructor or just looking for a live online class this website seems to be the perfect accommodation for both!