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Kundalini Yoga Online w. Look.Withinisha

Kundalini Yoga! Join the upcoming online session this Friday!! Sept 18th the first 10 people to follow @lookwithin.kundalini.yoga will get free pass this week and your love donations are always welcomed!

I’ll also be giving a discount on Kundalini Cube Shirts for anyone that joins the class! Get your yoga mats ready!


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Yoga Alliance, A Peaceful Hustle

Yoga Alliance Has Received
$7,445,600 in Application Fees + Charges Teachers & Trainers an Additional $7,509,840 Every Year

In September 2019, Yoga Alliance had 7,748 registered yoga schools.

  • At $400 per school, Yoga Alliance has charged teacher trainers $3,099,200 for paper processing.
  • At $240 per year, Yoga Alliance receives $1,859,520 annually from teacher trainers.

Yoga Alliance has 86,928 registered yoga teachers.

  • Yoga Alliance charges teachers $50 in application fees and $50 in “upgrade” fees. Therefore, many teachers will have paid more than $50 in paper processing fees over their lifetime. But at only one charge of $50 each, that’s $4,346,400 paid by teachers for paper processing.
  • Yoga Alliance charges teachers $65 annual dues resulting in an additinal $5,650,320 in annual revenue from teachers.

Yoga Alliance has received $7,445,600 in application fees and charges teachers and trainers $7,509,840 every year. This does not includeany other ways the organization may make money off its list of teachers and trainers.

The following screenshots are from the Yoga Alliance web site search results for registered yoga schools and teachers, September 27th, 2019.

Basic Facts

  1. Yoga Alliance does not certify yoga teachers nor does it provide accreditation of trainers or training schools. Yoga Alliance does not assess or certify teaching competency. It provides a registry, which is a list.
  2. Neither teachers nor trainers are required to be registered with Yoga Alliance or any other organization.
  3. Teaching and studio insurance may be obtained without Yoga Alliance (or any other) registration.

Registration is Not Accreditation or Certification


  • Accreditation = the action of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity, or the acknowledgement of a  person’s responsibility for or achievement of something
  • Certified = officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards
  • Registered = entered or recorded on an official list or directory

Yoga Alliance is a Registry

Yoga Alliance does not certify yoga teachers nor does it provide accreditation of trainers or training schools.

The YA registry amounts to a digital rubber stamp or paid advertising. – J. Brown

  • Yoga Alliance is a registration service.
  • A registration is an “official list or directory.” Registration does not mean “approved,” “certified” or “accredited.”
  • In the case of RYS (registered yoga school), a trainer completes an application and submits a fee. If the application is accepted, the trainer may use a YA logo, receive group discounts on some purchases, and access video workshops.
  • Trainers are required to pay $240 annually and re-apply every three years.


  1. Yoga Alliance has come to be known in the public eye as a standard bearer for yoga teachers in the United States – in effect, a stamp of legitimacy.
  2. However, from 1999 to 2019, Yoga Alliance registered teachers without actually requiring knowledge or competency standards.
  3. The new standards announced to take effect February 2020 will not be measured or enforced by Yoga Alliance. Rather, Yoga Alliance charges trainers with responsibility for teacher competency while offering little in the way of resources or support to do so. Instead, they require a burdensome application process with demanding documentation requirements, fees and processing time.


  1. It’s a verifiable fact that being on the Yoga Alliance registry has no relationship to teaching competency. Any value provided by the list must therefore be in perceived legitimacy and market value. We must presume that legitimacy and market value is based on a misperception that Yoga Alliance “certifies” teachers and that Yoga Alliance recognition has some relationship to teaching competency or professionalism.
  2. The Yoga Alliance registry categorizes all teachers by a few “levels” based entirely on hours accounted through Yoga Alliance bureaucracy. This hours-based model is a shameful misrepresentation of actual teaching competency which is unrelated to the bureaucratic requirements. As such, teachers with few skills are represented in the Yoga Alliance registry as being on par with far more capable, even elite, teachers.
  3. The knowledge of highly qualified teachers is unrecognized within the Yoga Alliance system. These teachers are instead burdened with an hours-based bureaucracy that depletes their time and finances that presumably could be used in legitimate pursuits of study and teaching.
  4. Teachers and continuing ed providers who have received such “credentials” as RYT and E-RYT have been less impacted by the Yoga Alliance burdens than those who apply to be on the trainer registry (RYS) which incurs much greater fees and paperwork requirements.

Moving Forward: Your Options

  1. Consider whether you wish to perpetuate the false narrative that Yoga Alliance registry is in any way related to competency or legitimacy. In other words, every time an organization states that they or their teachers are “certified by,” “accredited with” or “approved by” Yoga Alliance, they are perpetuating a myth.
  2. Be aware that you are not required to register with Yoga Alliance and that you have alternatives.

Alternatives to Yoga Alliance registration include:

  1. Participate in existing certification programs such as Iyengar, Ashtanga or International Association of Yoga Therapists.
  2. Highlight your roots and education such as the Krishnamacharya lineage, Kripalu or Para Yoga-trained and so on.
  3. Create your own certification process. In other words, if you teach ABC Method, you can certify that your teachers are qualified to teach the ABC Method.
  4. Develop or choose alternative registration services.
  5. A volunteer board is discussing ideas for moving forward. If you would like to participate, please email Coleman.
  6. Due to the advisement and request of trainers, Yoga Teacher Central will launch an accreditation service  on Nov 1st as one option for trainers to choose from.

For more information on Yoga Alliance alternatives, see:

Registration, Certification, Accreditation: Why You Don’t Need to Pay the Yoga Alliance Fees

Source – BYTA FB Group

Malcolm X Park x Bali Daisha

Washington DC … my friend Daisha made note that I’m in Dc quite often these days. It’s a nice in between place before getting to New York! In about a week Daisha will be flying off to Bali for a 6 month yoga teacher training. Im excited for her to start a brand new adventure. Traveling let’s us see life from a different space. We had to link up once more before she goes and it happened to be a drum circle popping off at Malcolm X park. The energy was high and the circle instantly brought back memories of Central Park drum circles I would go to years ago.

It was great to seeing those I rock with the most as usual! It took us 5 minutes to setup the camera for these lil shots so appreciate it! The people walking up the steps watched us fumbling around with iPhone cameras and negro rigged tripods had a laugh. We made plans to link up on that side of the world once our planets align!

The Crystal Mountain

The Crystal Mountain in Egypt (Photos)

The Crystal Mountain (28° 26′ E and 27° 39′ N) between the oasis Bahariya and Farafra, northern of the White Desert, Egypt.

The Crystals are probably Barite (Schwerspat, BaSO4) and/or Calcite crystals (CaCO3). The hill was opened during works at the road from Farafra to Bahariya by accident and destroyed in part.

The hill is not a paleokarst cave with columnar-shaped stalagmites. It is a subvolcanic vault, which was emerged probably during the Oligocene age. The visible layers are e.g. White Desert limestone of the Khoman Fm.* (Late Cretaceous age), as well as a younger coal seam and hydrothermal impregnated reddish to brownish ferruginous layers. The strata are broken or brecciated and intensely with each other folded.

It is to be ascertained intense heat. The coal seam e.g. was transformed to anthracite. The crystals have increased out of climbed hydrovolcanic solutions. The hot solutions were high concentrated with BaSO and/or CaCao, which had been solved from the sediments. The solutions have penetrated into all cavities. After cooling of the solutions the crystals could increase. It were formed columns or round domes with crystals within.

The Barite veins are widely distributed to the south of Gebel El Hafhuf which is composed of a rock sequence including sandstone, shale, limestone, phosphatic limestone and phosphatic calcareous sandstone. This succession is capped by the Oligo-Miocene basaltic sheet which takes the form of open circle of about 20 m thickness.

The Crystal Mountain in Egypt (Photos)
The Crystal Mountain in Egypt (Photos)
The Crystal Mountain in Egypt (Photos)
The Crystal Mountain in Egypt (Photos)
The Crystal Mountain in Egypt (Photos)Read more at Geologyin


The sun is shining it’s about that time again! NYC where ya at? I’ll keep it brief … 2 things .. One ..We are looking for participants to join The Skin I’m in Project. 30-60 min short featuring women and men reflecting on how they feel about themselves. A nude photo/video shoot including the use of meditation,crystals and essential oils. We definitely have a method to our madness plus we will speak on camera about the whole experience while looking at the photos. The session is very helpful and healing, I’m even thinking about doing it 😁 .. 2 participants will be free and the remaining 3 slots will be open for booking. The genius behind this project is @bluetreasurephotography 2nd….  50/50 Shoot Now, Pay Later… $100 + Limited offers … Click the link for details! .. Don’t second guess yourself!

#Eyebreathe Day 2

The challenge has kicked off and is flowing exactly how the breath should!  Everyone is sharing experiences and the different methods of finding focus within your breathing. These are some of the amazing post  from our conscious breathers in the challenge & giveaway!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.10.09 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.10.32 AM 

Feel free to join the #eyebreathe movement! I’m going to head down to the river for a breath of fresh air!

My First Real Fast …

Day 1 –  Was pretty easy to get through … I made a salad early in the day and right before i finished adding the final seasoning I was hit with a reminder that I was suppose to be fasting .  I put the salad in the fridge .. I think after that moment I was pretty locked in and set for the day. Did some yoga and pretty much conducted my day as normal.  8.7.14

Day 2 – I felt myself a little tired early in the day around noon but I didn’t think it was physical tiredness more mental so I decided to walk over to the family dollar and checkout a few things. Right before i left i grabbed a mostly full gallon of water and a moringa seed for some energy. After Family dollar I thought it would cool to see if anyone is on the courts plus it wasn’t that far of a walk taking in mind the 100 degree weather.  I went to the basketball court and played 2  one on one games with an older fellow. I let him win the first one .. I think he bumped his score up a bit .. but the second game I had to let him have it and took the win so the game we play will be a tie breaker. I didn’t want to put out too much energy so I felt two games was enough and began to walk back. Took a quick hour nap and was back up.

I have been tempted to eat a few times but it seems like i really don’t want to. Its not hard compared to when I tried to fast while eating meat, I was basically feigning for some food where as now its not that big of a desire. Usually a cup of water quenches my appetite.

I get the chills easier … like when you listen to music or someone says something that you resonate with. Seems like I’m more sensitive to that kind of thing so I have been playing music to get that effect … As well as reminiscing on certain memories to bring about that effect. When your mood matches the music the effect is stronger and if you really can remember the memory you are thinking of it can bring back strong emotions almost as if you were there again. The amount of water i have been drinking could have an effect on that as well. Been drinking a little under a gallon a day, Yoga has been short and slow paced no really long sessions as I usually do.

Im starting to wonder if we need food lol … just kidding but I am starting to like this feeling.. Possible 30 day fast …… Lets see  😀  8.8.14

Day 3

Dreams seem more clear and easier to access. I had one last night but ill keep that one to myself!   On day 3 now and I think I’m going to keep going but I need sleep … feels like i didn’t sleep last night and that is probably because i didn’t.

-Woke up .. updated site … went back to sleep  if feels like i dont sleep though its like im just laying there still awake but my body is resting its weird …. either way my energy is super low  and I think im going to grab that salad. The next fast I may continue a bit longer but for my first real fast I think this has served the purpose I needed.  Time to eat everything!  Peace

Yogi Selects 26

Yoga Teacher @thefeather Photographer @yogicasino #yoga #yogaeverywhere #miami #southbeach #wellness #spiritual #yogagirl / view the animated GIF at www.theartofyoga.org
Yoga Teacher @thefeather Photographer @yogicasino #yoga #yogaeverywhere #miami #southbeach #wellness #spiritual #yogagirl / view the animated GIF at http://www.theartofyoga.org
Day 21. Three legged downward dog. #bikinibodyoga @learningtobalance @northcarolina_yogagirl @hollapop
Day 21. Three legged downward dog. #bikinibodyoga @learningtobalance @northcarolina_yogagirl @hollapop


Sometimes you just have to sit still, and meditate. Listen to your inner being #nukAset #NukMaat NukNebedjer #OmAmunRaPtah #innerpeace #nefertem #timetomeditateandmanifest #pillar2pillar #Triplegoddess #kemeticyoga #posturesoftheGodsandGoddesses #IamGoddessNet #ShemsNet
GoddessfashionFactory Sometimes you just have to sit still, and meditate. Listen to your inner being #nukAset #NukMaat NukNebedjer #OmAmunRaPtah #innerpeace #nefertem #timetomeditateandmanifest #pillar2pillar #Triplegoddess #kemeticyoga #posturesoftheGodsandGoddesses #IamGoddessNet #ShemsNet


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.17.33 PM
underbar_n Downward dog and a magic sky. #iloveyoga


Hey new followers 💛💛💛💛 thanks for the love! Today I found my hips weren't very happy so I decided to find a safe place in my favorite #lizard variation. Also posting a new blog post soon about #happyhips. Remember ladies hips are were we carry stress so let those babies wiggle, jiggle, and open up for new possibilities🌟🌟🌟 #brogiyoga #curlyogachick #hotandsweatymakesiteasy
briyr Hey new followers 💛💛💛💛 thanks for the love! Today I found my hips weren’t very happy so I decided to find a safe place in my favorite #lizard variation. Also posting a new blog post soon about #happyhips. Remember ladies hips are were we carry stress so let those babies wiggle, jiggle, and open up for new possibilities🌟🌟🌟 #brogiyoga #curlyogachick #hotandsweatymakesiteasy