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Daily Focus 079

Ah ah ah ah staying alive, staying alive. That has been the theme song for this week. Many people have been thrown into a whirlwind of chaos concerning employment I give my tips on finding new hustles and utilizing the resources you do have at hand. Last night a DJ saved my life has never took on more meaning lately. Big ups to 9th Wonder (Classic hiphop), Just Blaze (being himself) , Questlove (Lover Rock) , Erykah Badu, Kid Capri and D-nice they all been keeping my instagram very entertaining and enjoyable. Big Ups to the online trainers giving me that extra battery pack in Train or Die Compound on Facebook and Instagram. Quick random story about 2 brothers on the train and we discuss how to maneuver smart when the law isn’t quite up to date with what you choose to do to make a living.  Stay healthy eat your vegetables and fruit, learn more about your body with the newly allocated time.

Quotes Of The Day 

The universe can be unpredictably poetic

A week of thirst led to an ocean of discovery


Daily Focus 078

I think we all have that “If I knew moment” at one point or another.  Hindsight is always 2020.. see what i did there. Today we discuss the intricacies of thirst trapping. A good hunter keeps a few different types of traps. Ever discriminate against someones choice of food? Yeah that can be me at times. Shoutout to Myco_Dogon_West the package arrived safely and right on time. Still out in nature listening and thinking in the language the birds speak. Suppressing dreams with green? At times the dreaming world can feel more real then the waking. Sleep well

Quotes Of The Day

There is nothing safe about sex there never will be

In the midst of memories moist, I miss your voice

I came upon no wine as wonderful as thirst

Honorable Mention 




For more information on the liberation pack go to his page follow and DM

Daily Focus 077


As promised I discuss the lesson learned from some of the last breaths. We are going to need a license to go outside soon, thoughts from a paranoid mind. Lightly discuss what I think about the old classic Aliens 2. Two cannabis tales of another narrow escape from the law after they kick in the bathroom door as we blaze a nice spliff. Being bold works best sometime. Time for higher learning

Quotes of The Day 

 Love is a hole in the heart

I teach my sighs to lengthen  into songs

A kiss can be a comma a question mark and exclamation point thats basic spelling that every women ought to know

Instrumental : DG33

Daily Focus 066

This twenty minutes felt like 2 days. These recordings can ease off the tongue like drool when the food taste good and the laughs wont stop or they can feel like your running through 20 miles of desert land with no water. Welcome to the Sahara, its rare that we are in this vibe but nonetheless the show must go on. Feeling venomous for various reasons. Professional crazy or crazy hobby, Is it real if your not getting paid for it? Munchies has possessed my tongue and the spirit of pizza and pu#%^ has found me.


Daily Quote 

The slight that burns twice as bright burns for half as long

Daily Focus 064

Another rainy day in the A. A trip to Costa Rica to play basketball aside the beach is long overdue. Running miles in the rain on a light dose of the magic.  Sometime everything they tell you will be enough, wont be … you will need more! What if you could only see the news you could afford to? Jury duty got me locked in for tomorrow, hopefully I wont get picked.

Quotes of the day 

If you don’t not hear from again, you are not listening

Love which is all-inclusive seems to repel us

We only keep what we lose

money can not buy love but it makes shopping for it alot easier

I want to do with you what spring does to cherry trees

The moon asked me to meet her in the. fields tonight I think she has amorous ideas


Instrumental – Dark Grind 33 

Daily Focus 063

We just broke out of voice over narration prison. Im learning that recording voiceover within structure of a book can feel very restricting plus challenging.  How does it feel getting a real good detailed look of how Ive spent money for the past few years.  Will Jay Electronica ever drop an album? Who knows i’m not holding my breath but ill listen IF it does.  Giving shout outs to my cousin Khalif for molding my editing mind, hes like the mad scientist in Dark City injecting memories into me (pause).  Tomorrow is Fight night and were going with JON BONES JONES as always.

Quotes Of The Day 

Our love is like the misty rain that falls softly but floods the river

There will always be a battle between the sexes because men and women want different things. Men want women and women want men.

Love is made by two people in different kinds of solitude

Genuine love is nothing but the attempt to exchange two solitudes

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot

Perhaps that is what love is the momentary or prolonged refusal to think of another person in terms of power

Instrumental – Diamond Dunes 

Daily Focus 062

A stormy night in Atlanta and I cant sleep.  The lightning is striking my epileptic and the mic is hot! No notes prepared for this one so its a bit random and long. Learning my lesson from Wesley Snipes and changing my willing ignorance toward taxes. Decriminalize Nature has made an effort to decriminalize psychedelic plants in Washington. How do you feel age? At the end of this there is a skit with the premise of if what if Willy Wonka was Raheem Wonka an old school Harlem pimp that don’t take no sugar coated shit from nobody… not even Charlie.

Honorable Mentions 

Crank Lucas


Instrumental at the end

Daily Focus 057

If its not broke dont fix it seems to be the theme with Bad Boys 3 which is a good thing. Is Star Wars a program to prepare the public perception for “baby yoda” What would be the most innocent and harmless way to introduce a new type of being to the world?  Some information is easy to remember, it sticks to your brain. Other information can be harder to remember, in one ear out the next.

Quotes of the Day 

A house made of mud, the conflagration turns away in shame

to look too hard is to become blind

Daily Focus 050

As promised I go over the most recent book knocked off the list Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg. Two quick  entheogenic stories and the lessons that come with it. Flying planes on Mushrooms and The pendulum of emotions. Tune in and listen close.


Quotes Of The Day

The tongue carries that which is light

Over discipline makes a child stunted

Too Long Honest, Too Long Poor

Hell itself holds dishonor in horror


Daily Focus 049

In the mountains with the wild snow and curvy hills! Live from Uniontown thinking about what I would do if I were a vampire for a day. 1917 is on the list of movies we lightly discuss giving a quick spoiler.  Starting the day with a photoshoot/exercise. The Uk Cupcake likes to talk when nervous so I made her choose once we began snapping shots. See and be quiet or close your eyes and be able to talk. The time was spent in equal amounts. Keeping it humorous we re enact a few headlines that I have scrolled upon. 93 year old white man shoots office manager for not fixing flooded apt and two black men arrested for trying to cash in lottery tickets with the correct number glued to it. The last one is too touchy to even write here… Roll up a Lizzo and Listen in.

Quotes Of The Day 

The happiest people in the world have a hard time recalling their worries and have an easy time recalling their blessings

If we knew how much the habit of being thankful might do for us Im sure we would take time out of everyday to count up a few  of our blessings. When the spirit of thankfulness takes place in our consciousness  we radiate life from the very center of our being  to the world about us

Positive thinking is a habit like any other we can practice it everyday until it becomes second nature to us and along the way transforms our lives

You can be optimistic who expect things to turn out the best often set the stage to receive a beautiful results

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