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Daily Focus 045

The last day of the year has come and gone that quick. We unload a few stories in the stash on this one. Taking seats on the train in New York and The “deaf” artist I persuaded to go on an adventure with me. Also another story/lesson in time traveling and how it really works.  A light review of Kevins Heart Dont F#%^ This Up Docuseries. Tricking the brain by switching from conductor to passenger with auto pilot mode,


Quotes Of The Day 

As a monkey climbs a tree it will start to abuse you from its elevated position

She who gave to me is the same as she who withheld from you

The tree fell the way it leant

He said he was scared of commitment, but he had tattoos all over his skin I guess he didn’t see me as a work of art or I wasn’t worth the pain

I don’t think the imagination can hold a secret

Daily Focus 042


As I type this the pain I feel from playing basketball makes me believe i’m missing an organ on the right side of my body. Nonetheless we have gathered here today for another Daily Focus.
This Is No Court for Young Men? Basketball tales to open up the flow with.   I discuss Walter Mosley’s Known to Evil lightly and the elements of knowledge I took from it. What would you like prevent for next year? Sharing music and creative expression can be hit or miss! Freestyling the lost art of the Mental Juggernaut.  London in the Jungle at the end of it all. Enjoy

Quotes of the day 

Smoking is the exchange of mind for body

Memory sees further than the eyes

Its better to build bridges than walls


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Daily Focus 038

The mics 38 Hot but Its cold out chere, From ATL to PIT I had a chance to read Walter Mosley’s RED DEATH.  The wild world of Easy Rawlings. Gotta enjoy books that stick to your hand until its finished.  Is the life your living worth sharing in a story? What are you passionate about? Ease dropping on African languages while traveling.  Dealing with unreliable DC bud people, when did getting green become so technical? it may be time to grow for self, I have some Blue Cheese seeds from 2014 that have been begging for me to develop a green thumb.  I question… am I smart or a borderline clever intelligent? Knowing your place in the brain game early.  The mind is amazing.


Daily Focus 037

This one was off the top (freestyle) ! Talking about random meditations and the feeling of raw low quality. Youtuber cops $14.6 Million  home…. Ive come to the conclusion i’m not making the right type of videos. Jay z Snatching phones out here… How much money adds up to F*** you money?


Quotes of the Day 

Doing ones best drives away regrets

Daily Focus 035

Crawling out of the spiders web to discuss the movie The girl in the Spiders Web.  ITS FIGHT NIGHT UFC 245 who are you going for? Learning how to make some Ethiopian dishes. Hemp bros suing NYPD for 10mil. Seeing light and the subtle mechanics of breathing. Its all discussed check it out.


Quotes of the day 

It is not necessary to blow out the other persons lantern to let yours shine

We are people because of other people

When it is not your mother who is in danger of being eating by a wild animal, the matter can wait until tomorrow.

A weak person goes where he is smiled at

Are you a flag?  to follow every breeze

Daily Focus 034

A giant awakens from the sleepy twilight zone. Learning about yourself through memes, is it effective? Giving glory to all of the greatness within Hustle and Flow while appreciating the imaginative efforts of The Full Metal Alchemist. The Infamous Taraji P Henson stare down. Looking for the illusive answers of lifes’ mysteries and what to do once you come to conclusions.

Quotes Of The Day

He kissed me and now Im somebody else

I don’t want to live, i want to love first and live incidentally

I love in you someone only I have discovered


Daily Focus 033


Don’t hold your love hostage i’m coming for it. Pho soup for the extra drip. It feels good to feel good so were in that zone.  Giving your body something from yourself once in a second. My take on The Game Changer debate. Oprah making a documentary with Russell Simmons sexual assault victim? Police under investigation for playing with deceased lady breast?  A quick mushroom journey on the beach and the wind responding to breathing patterns. Fresh new instrumental at the end tell me what you think + Unread love letters …. its all here.


Quotes of the day 

Money can not buy love but it makes shopping for it much easier

The song with nothing to say has fell asleep on my lips

Come she said stay she said smile she said die she said. I came, I stayed, I smiled I died.

Avocado & Honey #72 Daddy Lessons

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, I spoke with 3 black fathers about fatherhood. The fathers share their experience on when they first found out they were going to be a father, their definition of a man, preparing their child for the world and so much more! Please remember to like, follow and share! You are appreciated.

Click the image above to tune in to this episode!