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The Huma Aura and Science of The Auric Body 2

Definitely a informative lecture, if you would like to watch the full videos go to youtube and subscribe to check out the live streams also.

The Soul of Man and It’s Body; “What is the Auric Body?”

1. Spirit, Within the Original Potential, Expressed Itself • i. Spirit, “A Divine Spark of God”

• ii. Spirit, “Unmanifested Part of the Original Potential”

• iii. Spirit, “Endless Potential of Power”

• iv. Spirit, “The Real Self of Man’s Existence”

• v. Spirit, “The I Am that Gives Manifested Life to the I (Soul)

• vi. Soul, “The Manifested Body of the Spirit”

2. From Spirit’s Expression Came Its Manifested Body Called Soul

• i. Soul, “The Unmanifested and Manifested

• ii. Soul, “The Life-Seed from the Original Potential (Spirit)

• iii. Soul, “The Revealer of the Bindu (the All-Knowledge Space)

• iv. Soul, “The Manipulator of Creative Shakti Power

• v. Soul, “The Creator of the Auric Body (Magnetic Fields of Mind and Shakti Power that Builds Consciousness)

• vi. Soul, “Its Primary Body, the Auric Body

3. What is the Human Aura?

• i. A Divine Matrix of Magnetic Fields of Substances

• ii. Components of the Magnetic Fields of Substances • a. The Presence of the Bindu within the Chakras • b. The Chakra System • c. The Brahma Nadi and the Sushumna Nadi • d. The Power of Kundalini and Four States of Sound (Nada)

• e. The Nadi System (A Flow of Thin Lines of Subtle Energies)

• f. The Chakra Petals (Bijas)

• g. The Tattvic Rays

• h. The Chita, a flow of Universal Mind Substance

• i. A Flow of Nada (Supreme Subtle Sound)

• j. The Mahabhutas (Cosmic Subtle Elements)

• k. The Five Major Pranas

• iii. Subtle Atmosphere of Karmic Pressures

• i. The Original Tattvic Rays

• ii. The Original Samskaras

• iii. The Original Expressed Lights of Aura

4. What is the Radium Quality of the Human Aura?

• A. Layers of the Original Radium Quality

• B. Layers of Previous Thoughts and Actions Radium Quality

• C. Layers of Available Energies Radium Quality

• D. Layers of the Thought-Forms Radium Quality

• E. Layers of the Present-Actions Radium Quality

• F. Karmic Signature Layers of the Radium Quality

5. The Nucleus of the Human Aura

• A. The Soul of Man

• B. The Bindu – The Primary Point of Consciousness

• C. The Brahma Nadi within the Sushumna Nadi

• D. The 3 and 1/2 Knot (The Power of Kundalini)

6. The Nadis and the Aura

• A. Chakra, Nadis, and Aura

• B. Nadi Knots and Aura

• C. Thought-Forms and the Aura

7. Energy Formation of the Aura

• A. Chakra Levels of Kundalini

• B. The Eight Dhatus

• C. The Tattvic Rays

• D. The Central Location of the Mahabhutas within the Aura

• E. The Five Pranas Formation within the Aura

8. The Mental Aspects, Etheric Aspects, Astral Aspects, and Physical Aspect of the Human Aura

• A. The Soul, Nada, and Samskaras of the Aura

• B. The Vortex Centers That Feds the Aura

9. Karmic Law and the Aura

10.Controlling the Aura with the Eight Limbs of Yoga

11. The Spiritual Growth of the Aura through Lifetimes of Yoga Practice

What is Raja Yoga?

Raja Yoga is also referred to as the Mental Yoga, or the Yoga of the Mind, because of its emphasis on awareness of one’s state of mind. It is through this practice of concentration that one learns to calm the mind and bring it to one point of focus. It is at this point that we direct our attention inwardly, toward our true nature, which is Divine. You can achieve this by following the Eight-Fold Path of Raja Yoga, which includes observation of the following:

1. Yamas (Abstentions):  Ahimsa (non-injury), Satya (truth), Asetya (non-stealing), Brahmacharya (chastity), Apragraha (non-greed)
2. Niyamas (Moral Observations): Susha (purity), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (austerity), Svadhaya (study of the scriptures), Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender to God)
3. Asana: Steady pose, posture or seat
4. Pranayama: control of vital energy through breathwork
5. Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the senses
6. Dharana: concentration of the mind
7. Dhyana: Meditation
8. Samadhi: Enlightenment, union with the Divine

The Sada Body, The Signatures of Consciousness

here’s tremendous knowledge on the science of mantra that is not commonly known. This ancient science of mantra is the holy science of sound vibrations. The eastern doctrines of Tantric yoga give a complete science on this all-pervasive power of sound called “Mantra Sastra.” In the description of the theosophical and metaphysical constitution of man, the causal body, etheric bodies, mental bodies, subtler bodies, astral bodies, and the physical body is mentioned to describe the makeup of man. The thing that is not openly mentioned in a clear understandable fashion is man’s Sabda bodies or the Nada bodies (sound bodies). These sound bodies are the powers that the Spirit and the Soul use to manifest, activate, and sustain all the other bodies.

The Spirit uses sound to call the Soul into manifestation, and Soul uses sound to manifest all its vehicles of expression and sustain them. Sound is the carrying agent of man’s consciousness. God (or the Absolute) spoke the word (sound) and said, “Let there be many from the One,” and the Spirit of God manifested itself as countless points of consciousness that embodied itself in the material of the Soul consciousness. The material used to manifest the Soul consciousness was the essence of the Spirit, which is known as the initial spoken word or unified and coherent sound vibrations. The Soul uses perpetuate sound vibration to modify the universal mind substance and cosmic energies to build the causal body, etheric bodies, mental bodies, subtler bodies, astral bodies, and the physical body.

The Sabda bodies can be described by examining the following components that make up the network for the sound bodies:

1. The Bindu(s)

2. The Chakra System

3. The Chakra Bijas

4. The Chakra Petals

5. The Nadi System

6. Kundalini
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An In depth Look at Pranayama

On my search to finding new perspectives and insight on meditation and yoga I came across a great teacher with some lessons/lectures online to be viewed. The name of the teacher is Nehemiah Davis and is ellaborates on mystic knowledge pertaining prana energy ether, auric body, astral projection and many more topics,

One method that I have tried from watching the lectures on the Mystic Knowledge channel is the simple method of curing a head ache. The term they used that put things in perspective for me was Metaphysical medical procedures… makes sense. Just like doing a procedure only with the mind .. You draw the pain down into your heart point then push it out throw your arms and finally out through your hands. I experienced pulsating at the finger tips and quick heating up of my fingers.  I did not have a head ache at the moment im dealing with a wisdom tooth .. yeah so I definitely have pain to work with and practice.. I drew the energy down into the heart energy point then pushed out through my hands. On the inhale I would pull from Tooth/Ear Pain down to heart .. Exhale .. Push from Heart to Fingers.. This worked and I can describe it as having a bottle of water and  the water in the bottle is the pain… breathing the pain out would be like poking a whole in the bottle and draining it slowly until there is no pain.   After the pain was gone i relaxed my breathing and did not perform the deep breaths with the intent of pulling down the pain .. i relaxed my breathing and i noticed a sensation as if my ear had been sealed off from the pain. Almost like there was a hole that needed to be patched and once it was patched it felt normal again.


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