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Veil of Life

How thin is the veil of life? There are moments in time where you can be compelled to end it all or start over. Which choice will you make?

Renee Watkins
IG: IamReneeWatkins

I woke up feeling drunk from laughing so much with @iamreneewatkins Every year on my birhtday I have a fun shoot filled with cheek pain from smiling .. I don’t plan it they just happen 😂😭and this one topped last year. From watching Renee drown herself on the bridge to being in the woods snorting Georgia clay on paths naked while people cover their eyes and walk pass 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 It was a ball and the short is even more intense!… when your finding heart shaped plant outlines effortlessly you know the alignment is on point ☝🏿 so with all that being said Thank you @iamreneewatkins for yesterday and all the other things you keep me from doing!

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Yogi Selects – IamReneeWatkins

We reached out to the one and only … Renee Watkins! My first encounter with Renee was half naked being dressed in paint. Knowing she is the life of the party I was interested in hearing what she had to share!

What makes the most noise when trying to silence your mind?

Oh man that is an extremely interesting question… i think most about creating and being better than my parents. In a sense I think everyone might but the fear of being like my parents (don’t get me wrong I love them but I see where they fail(ed)) forces me always have thoughts of new work, art, LIFE.


How can meditating help build your intuition?

I believe meditation helps you clear the clutter in your mind so you can hear your intuition/higher self clearly. No lie i feel like have ADHD (lol) so I AM ALWAYS THINKING and when I am able to sit back and sort through my thoughts I learn so much.

Do you feel children can benefit from practicing yoga? In turn how can parents benefit from having children that practice?

Oh coooourse they can… have you seen my kids? (Check out screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-1-29-16-pm@aniyachavon on ig she’s a product of my madness) children who practice are easier to deal with, the have a different understanding of how the mind and the body work, and they’re dope af.

What have you unexpectedly achieved or accomplished with your yoga practice?

Peace and calm… that’s all I’ve ever wanted in life. I have my moments but for the most part I’ve succeeded where I needed it.

Have you had any yoga related dreams or metaphysical experiences during meditations that may be hard to explain? Feel screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-1-40-42-pmfree to share

I’m still battling with meditation so no i haven’t been that lucky yet.

How can expectations effect you off and on the mat?

you should not have expectations because if you do you lose sight of the bigger picture and to often you get discouraged.

I see you have a Yoga retreat in Jamaica coming up what can people expect if they join in? (I’ll film it if y’all cover travel expenses 😂)

Lmbooo man listen I have another one I’m trying to do in Cuba I’ll def pull you in on it. But as fair as Jamaica they should expect to see Renee uncut, the goofiness, the randomness, outspoken, ALL OF IT FOR 5 DAYS AND 4 NIGHTS. I practice hard, I love hard, I dream hard, I live hard and I offer myself in that same capacity so they will have full unfiltered access to it/me and hopefully they receive some type of positive inspiration.


What do you require to create your sacred space?

Sage to cleanse the air/surroundings/energy and free will to be screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-2-00-10-pmRenee.

Have you ever tried yoga on magic mushrooms? How was that

lmbooooo no but that sounds amazing. I think I’ll try it in Jamaica.

How can yoga help women embrace themselves with more love and confidence?

Try it nude surrounded by mirrors so you are are forced to face all your fears and meet them where they haunt you. Once you strip yourself of all the distractions it’s easiest to truly get to you.


Is it important to have guidance in developing your yoga practice or can one learn just as much studying their body and relying on what feels best for them?

Doctors can’t perform brain surgery by watching YouTube videos… you have to get with someone who can tell you what you are doing right and wrong when it comes to alignment. I’m not saying go to yoga class everyday I am saying get with someone who knows what they are doing a seasoned yoga who has been properly trained (not even a certified yoga instructor because some of them are clueless too) at least twice a week. Once you have your alignment then go from there.

Can having a yoga “tribe” or community be beneficial in elevating your practice ?

Yesssss!!! @dade2shelby screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-1-48-34-pm@yogineo @hippie_heathen @wonder_woman_o @pintsizenurse @superdopemin and @black3dahlia motivate the hell out of me. They make me want to work harder not only on my mat but in my daily life.

In the story of your life what does the first and last sentence say?

let’s just say I keep erasing it sooooo it’s forever changing so idk.

Do you have anything else to share with the readers of infocus247?

Always remember to live life without malicious intent ✌🏾&💜! Oh and if you are in or around Nashville get to #PoetryInMotionLive on March 4th rwyoga.com/poetryinmotionlive

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