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Miami a Yogis Vice II

Miami is so beautiful  I had to explore and see the water. I think i’m going to go down to the beach for sunset and chill and capture some photos.

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A long intricate path of rocks led to jumps and crawlsing but  a great spot for some pictures was the end result
A long intricate path of rocks led to jumps and crawling but a great spot for some pictures was the end result

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The temperature was so hot, I had to dip in the water after we was finished shooting. I was in the water and a school of fish came near me…. normally I would of panicked but I was so tired I said hey… they are not messing with me so im going to chill.


Cool water feels great in the hot sun!
Cool water feels great in the hot sun!
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Nothing like being off the water and getting a great dose of sunshine.
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When meditating the sounds/vibrations around you are more intense. Things that are far away may feel much closer than they really are.
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Keeping balance on the rocks was a challenge but It gave me a new way to adjust.

Shot by Dreams of NoplanBFilms

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The Precious Adventure of Lazuli

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A miner’s mine “Maidan” puts an explosive that will be triggered .. The miners must then leave the mine because of the dust and the risk of falling rocks.

Reporting by Philip Poupin For over 6500 years the laborious search for a semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli, never stopped. Among dynamite, sweat, luxury and wars, the history of lapis lazuli over time included the intrusion of the great figures of history.  The Sumerians until the commander Massoud, through Michelangelo and Marie Antoinette all have in common: the search for the precious dark blue. An explosion rips the silence of the mountains of Badakhshan, an arid province of northeastern Afghanistan. Then another, until completing seven outbreaks, each followed by a deafening echo that makes the visitor believe that is in the midst of a relentless combat.

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A truck carrying bags of lapis lazuli, a blue stone exploited for 6500 years in Afghanistan, is heading to the nearest town. Can only be loaded up to half because of bad road.
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Haji Kaka (nickname) is one of the elders of mine Maidan. He no longer works, of course, but still lives in this desolate spot.
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Hamidullah (right) is a police officer in the village of Mine “Maidan”, but is also the wholesaler in Lapis Lazuli. There are varying degrees of Lapis Lazuli, which are distinguished by their blue. This is a quality of first choice.
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Ehsan, prospector of lapis lazuli, a semiprecious blue stone, falls toward the next village with a rock that weighs more than 100 pounds. He will carry her several hours to descend the steep and slippery mountain sides.

I definitely appreciate what some have dedicated their time to. Getting Lapis Lazuli to people like us. Before I found this site I never knew that getting lapis out of the mountains were so much trouble.

Visit to see all the photos and captions by Agenciaolhares