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Food = Lust = Sex ?

We sat down for a brief discussion about Food lust and sex!  We all have had cravings for certain foods men and women. So we decided to explore this general topic in open discussion.

This is what I picked up from it …

Specific foods cause you to feel a certain way….

There may be certain nutrients that you need in your body, causing you to feel a strong desire for a specific food.

There are fruits and foods that can be a aphrodisiac to some.

Men on a grain diet tend to be more fertile and want to pro create.

Note:  This video did have another person in it but Jane Doe would like to remain Jane Doe so her audio/video is missing  but this is generally what was said from Jane Doe

“According to WomensHealth.gov, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) affects up to 85 percent of menstruating women. Whether you suffer from cramps, a heavy period or menstrual migraines, you may be able to alleviate your symptoms by eating foods rich in specific vitamins. Vitamins B, C, D and E can reduce the symptoms associated with PMS as well as promote a more regular and less painful menstrual cycle.”

Men also lose certain nutrients  when they ejaculate  …

“However, the biological purpose of the ejaculate yields some clues to why it contains a number of essential nutrients. Robin Baker, author of the interestingly-titled “Sperm Wars,” notes that the average ejaculation releases around 300 million viable sperm cells; these cells need certain nutrients to sustain their assault on the end prize, the ovum. It figures that the more you ejaculate, the higher your requirement for these particular vitamins and minerals.”


Zinc plays an important role all over the body and makes an essential part of more than 80 enzymes. Dr. Michael Colgan, the New-Zealand born nutritionist and the author of the “Sports Nutrition Guide,” reports that zinc remains crucial for hormonal balance, cellular repair, immune system function and libido. He estimates that around one microgram of zinc leaves the body per ejaculation and explains that because only the body only absorbs 20 percent of dietary zinc the requirements for zinc increase by approximately 5 mg after each ejaculation. – Source Livestrong 

So the foods that you crave are signal to what you need in your body.


Khajuraho Temples of India

Khajuraho Temples are situated in a village in Madhya Pradesh, bearing the name of Khajuraho. sextemple11js9The rural ambience and the rich cultural heritage of the village serve as the perfect backdrop to the temples, which depict the sensual pleasures enjoyed by human beings. Khajuraho temples also reflect the maturity of the people belonging to that decade. One of the most popular tourist attractions of India, the temples were constructed somewhere between 950 and 1050 AD, under the rulers of Chandel Empire.sextemple07di2

Each of the temples comprises of three main compartments i.e., the entrance (ardhamandapa), the assembly hall (mandapa) and the actual sanctum (garbha griha).

The temples have been divided into three groups, based on their geographical patterns, namely western, eastern and southern. The theme of the Khajuraho temples is mainly the celebration of woman and her countless moods and aspects.

According to one theory, the erotic carvings on the Khajuraho temple complex in central India were created to prevent the rain god Indra from accidentally striking the holy place with lightning. Indra was a keen voyeur and would have baulked at damaging such a source of pleasure. sextemple09kn3These days the rain god isn’t the only one to enjoy a peek at what goes on behind closed doors; hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Khajuraho each year to see the exquisite adults-only carvings adorning the village’s temples.

For a full list of each Temple and the god it was dedicated to check out iLoveIndia  for more.