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Solstice Clearing

Come release negativity and prepare yourself for 2020 and beyond. Let go of negative emotions, baggage and more at our end of the year clearing ritual. This ritual will include aura clearing, sound healing, guided meditation and more. Bring your drum or rattle and join in the healing.

December 22, 4:00 – 7:00pm

For more information and tickets go to Rasekhistore.com/events

The Shanti Gumbo Experience (video)


It was a cold icy night in Atlanta but that wouldn’t stop what was about to take place! A  brief phone call with Alia (Shanti Gumbo) the previous night confirmed what I felt would happen.  We planned on linking up before the spoken word performance to speak of what was about to happen and how she would like to deliver the experience….  20 hours later I arrive in the presence of Alia and sg-3Isis_Love. Isis offered me some “magical tea” that taste very delicious…. I kept calling it tea and was reminded that it was not a tea but more of a  brew if you will. I asked for the secret recipe but some things must remain secret. For 3 minutes I was trying to figure out what was in it but soon lost thought of my tongue.  Alia thought it would be a good idea to rehearse an outline that she had in mind. Its always good to have a little structure to hold the freestyle together. Isis was appointed  the drum and singing bowl to ease in the tracks and set the tone of the night. At one point Isis_love was on the singing bowl and zone out forgetting that she was suppose to slowly stop, I think we all drifted off with her but the moment was definitely a funny one. Its like when you get caught day dreaming by someone.. its like oh  hey yeah … im here.. im here.. im back..  kinda feeling.


After preparing it was finally time to go do what was set out for the night. In my mind I saw a different setup but this one was just as good. The spot was nice and the atmosphere was welcoming. We arrived early so it was about an hour wait before it was time to present the experience to the people! Food is always a good way to pass time so we all ordered some french and sweet potatoe fries! Alia and Isis share with me that they have alter egos when It comes to eating. It was joyous watching them go back and forth as Debrah and (the other name slips my mind). Their playful energy was definitely in abundance last night…. The speaker system was giving off a little static and that in itself was a humorous episode. There was a guy named Clark dancing all around the room and making sure the Dj knew … Aye man .. this system sucks lol but in a humorous way. We found it hilarious, There was someone that worked in the back that had me rolling with his side commentary and facial expressions One lady forgot the name of her song and said “Its the winter yall, everything slows down around this time” -He chimed in “So is that what they call it” referring to green lol hilarious but it was time to present!…. Show time

Before the performance began Alia took  the time to thank Isis with a hug that projected gratification and appreciation. screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-11-16-32-amscreen-shot-2017-01-08-at-11-16-02-am


The experience started off with Shanti requesting everyone to close their eyes and rely more on their hearing and feeling in order to get the message that she was delivering.  Line after line was powerful statements with the intention of finding your purpose, knowing your purpose, breathing your purpose and ultimately fulfilling who you were meant to be.  The second part was a guided meditation helping manifest what you have in mind.


From magical tea to jokes about the seat warmers frying our buns the night was definitely appreciated and I’m glad I was able to enjoy the experience. Alia’s powerful delivery definitely resonated with me and confirmed the direction this year is heading. Follow your purpose!  Peace…. video will be complete sooner than later! Narrated by yours truly! We will be delivering more documentary style of footage and coverage so be prepared to go on a journey!