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An In depth Look at Pranayama

On my search to finding new perspectives and insight on meditation and yoga I came across a great teacher with some lessons/lectures online to be viewed. The name of the teacher is Nehemiah Davis and is ellaborates on mystic knowledge pertaining prana energy ether, auric body, astral projection and many more topics,

One method that I have tried from watching the lectures on the Mystic Knowledge channel is the simple method of curing a head ache. The term they used that put things in perspective for me was Metaphysical medical procedures… makes sense. Just like doing a procedure only with the mind .. You draw the pain down into your heart point then push it out throw your arms and finally out through your hands. I experienced pulsating at the finger tips and quick heating up of my fingers.  I did not have a head ache at the moment im dealing with a wisdom tooth .. yeah so I definitely have pain to work with and practice.. I drew the energy down into the heart energy point then pushed out through my hands. On the inhale I would pull from Tooth/Ear Pain down to heart .. Exhale .. Push from Heart to Fingers.. This worked and I can describe it as having a bottle of water and  the water in the bottle is the pain… breathing the pain out would be like poking a whole in the bottle and draining it slowly until there is no pain.   After the pain was gone i relaxed my breathing and did not perform the deep breaths with the intent of pulling down the pain .. i relaxed my breathing and i noticed a sensation as if my ear had been sealed off from the pain. Almost like there was a hole that needed to be patched and once it was patched it felt normal again.


You can find all the videos at MysticKnowledge as well as Live Youtube broadcast of classes


Be Metaphysical : Led Into Gold

Ever heard of the saying turning led into gold? Why would anyone think turning one element into another is possible? There is a few ways to look at it. I know two popular perspectives on it. From an alchemical stand point turning an element of lesser value into a element of more value makes cents. Understanding the process of transmuting elements is powerful knowledge for reasons I hope you can think of on your own. Gold was said to be the perfect state of a metal, (western perspective) so that is what alchemist aimed for . On a meta-physcial level turning led into gold meant transforming yourself from a human being controlled by desires, physical pleasures into a person that has control over desires/thoughts/urges etc. becoming in a sense perfect or at one with all. This knowledge was once and still is held in secrecy. Be an alchemist Infocus247.com Did you choose a path or will you walk both!