Daily Focus 052

Live from the red light district. This one is a light train of thought. Similar to the lights after having just the right amount to drink when the ambiance of wind and random music lull you to paradise type of light. Theres secret sauce in your handwriting. If you didn’t know now you do, listen in on the chef. We discuss two sound bathing type experience from Jamaica and Costa Rica. The movie review of today is Just Mercy starring Michael B Jordan & Jamie Foxx.

 Quotes Of The Day  

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence

If you wish to drown do not torture yourself with shallow water

Genuine love is nothing but the attempt to exchange two solitudes

I can’t mate in captivity

Daily Focus 051

Feeling real zen after todays yoga session. A light overview of a very deep bunny animation Watership Down. I wasnt expecting the intensity that this series delivers. The bunny world can be a cold carrot in a warm place if you know what I mean. Story time, I share the time I almost caused myself to be Kidnapped and the first time they put me in handcuffs. I had to make up for the instrumental I added yesterday, it was a quick whip up so today I put a little more effort into a new one. Hopefully it makes a difference, Enjoy


Quotes Of The Day 

The chakata fruit on the ground belongs to all, but the one on the tree is for she who can climb

She who sows joy harvest pleasure

not to know is bad not to wish to know is worst

Daily Focus 050

As promised I go over the most recent book knocked off the list Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg. Two quick  entheogenic stories and the lessons that come with it. Flying planes on Mushrooms and The pendulum of emotions. Tune in and listen close.


Quotes Of The Day

The tongue carries that which is light

Over discipline makes a child stunted

Too Long Honest, Too Long Poor

Hell itself holds dishonor in horror


Daily Focus 049

In the mountains with the wild snow and curvy hills! Live from Uniontown thinking about what I would do if I were a vampire for a day. 1917 is on the list of movies we lightly discuss giving a quick spoiler.  Starting the day with a photoshoot/exercise. The Uk Cupcake likes to talk when nervous so I made her choose once we began snapping shots. See and be quiet or close your eyes and be able to talk. The time was spent in equal amounts. Keeping it humorous we re enact a few headlines that I have scrolled upon. 93 year old white man shoots office manager for not fixing flooded apt and two black men arrested for trying to cash in lottery tickets with the correct number glued to it. The last one is too touchy to even write here… Roll up a Lizzo and Listen in.

Quotes Of The Day 

The happiest people in the world have a hard time recalling their worries and have an easy time recalling their blessings

If we knew how much the habit of being thankful might do for us Im sure we would take time out of everyday to count up a few  of our blessings. When the spirit of thankfulness takes place in our consciousness  we radiate life from the very center of our being  to the world about us

Positive thinking is a habit like any other we can practice it everyday until it becomes second nature to us and along the way transforms our lives

You can be optimistic who expect things to turn out the best often set the stage to receive a beautiful results

Up Next 

Flying Planes on Mushrooms 3
Professional Mushroom Clinics
Pendulum of Emotions ( Story time )


Daily Focus 048


The Universal uplifting, it happens at your lowest moments like right after a pigeon shits on you. Lightly brushing over the movie Dracula, The Messiah and Alice in Wonderland.  What would be my version of Alice in wonderland?  Is there a collective nature amongst ethnicities? Moment of awareness for the Australia wildfires effecting over 500,000 million Animals.  Story time as always!



Quotes of The Day

Advice is like mushrooms you pick what you like

when the occasion comes the proverb comes

It is is playing for children and an emergency for butterflies

Honorable Mentions 

The History of Spiritual Jazz: Hear a Transcendent 12-Hour Mix


“During the tumultuous ’60s, there was a religious revolution to accompany the grand societal, sexual, racial, and cultural shifts already afoot,” writes Pitchfork’s Andy Beta. “Concurrently, the era’s primary African-American art form reflected such upheaval in its music, too: Jazz began to push against all constraints, be it chord changes, predetermined tempos, or melodies, so as to best reflect the pursuit of freedom in all of its forms.”

This culminated in John Coltrane’s masterpiece A Love Supreme, which opened the gates for other jazz players seeking the transcendent, using everything from “the sacred sound of the Southern Baptist church in all its ecstatic shouts and yells” to “enlightenment from Southeastern Asian esoteric practices like transcendental meditation and yoga.”

It goes without saying that you can’t talk about spiritual jazz without talking about John Coltrane. Nor can you ignore the distinctive music and theology of Herman Poole Blount, better known as Sun Ra, composer, bandleader, music therapistAfrofuturist, and teacher of a course called “The Black Man in the Cosmos.” NTS’ expansive mix offers work from both of them and other familiar artists like Alice Coltrane, Earth, Wind & Fire, Herbie Hancock, Gil Scott-Heron, Ornette Coleman, and many more (including players from as far away from the birthplace of jazz as Japan) who, whether or not you’ve heard of them before, can take you to places you’ve never been before. Start listening with the embedded first part of the playlist above; continue on to parts twothree, and four, and maybe — just maybe — you’ll come out of it wanting to found a church of your own.


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Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and broadcasts on cities and culture. He’s at work on a book about Los Angeles, A Los Angeles Primer, the video series The City in Cinema, the crowdfunded journalism project Where Is the City of the Future?, and the Los Angeles Review of Books’ Korea Blog. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall or on Facebook.

Daily Focus 047

Bringing in the days on a more meditative note feels nostalgic. This episode is light. I had to balance out the story I shared the other day about listening to intuition with what happens when you disregard that gut feeling and inner whisper. We have found a brave participant for our next Yogi Selects, lets see if she follows through.  112 Methods of Meditation Shiva there was one in particular that grabbed my attention.


Quotes of the Day 

When silence speaks for love she has much to say

The desire to be loved is the last illusion, give it up and you will be free

You Shall not find the heart without losing the heart

My definition of love is the need to be with

We can only learn to love by loving

Love is a fire whether its going to warm your heart

Daily Focus 046

Bringing in the New Year keeping the same consistent energy.  Digging up memories can reveal a few that don’t wish to be uncovered.   Forgetting may be for good reason. Birds can tell some of the best jokes. A lackluster review of Jacobs Ladder. Burying my head in writing and reading.  Dug up an old piece (Were The Roses)  I put together that reminded me to write as if your the only one that understands what your saying. PIT, NYC, DC, VA on deck for next weeks travels. She who gave to me is the same as she who withheld from you… I’m still thinking about yesterdays quote as not all New Years text messages are returned.

Quotes Of The Day 

Examples Have Children

Favours enslave

Politeness cost so little and it is worth so much

 It is a mere formality for a small bird to invite an elephant in to its nest.

Honorable Mention 

Song at the End: Let The Light Give Birth  



Daily Focus 045

The last day of the year has come and gone that quick. We unload a few stories in the stash on this one. Taking seats on the train in New York and The “deaf” artist I persuaded to go on an adventure with me. Also another story/lesson in time traveling and how it really works.  A light review of Kevins Heart Dont F#%^ This Up Docuseries. Tricking the brain by switching from conductor to passenger with auto pilot mode,


Quotes Of The Day 

As a monkey climbs a tree it will start to abuse you from its elevated position

She who gave to me is the same as she who withheld from you

The tree fell the way it leant

He said he was scared of commitment, but he had tattoos all over his skin I guess he didn’t see me as a work of art or I wasn’t worth the pain

I don’t think the imagination can hold a secret

Daily Focus 044

Today was a reminiscent day daisy chaining life lessons with current wisdom. The notes I prepared were rubbish and a spontaneous burst of inspiration made me turn on the mic so here we are again. Ancestral intuition can feel as light as a breeze whispering in your ear the most impactful warnings if you listen.  Sweet Heart movie review kinda. My eyes were more focused on the actor than the acting to say the least.  The eyes will go where the mind wants to look.

 Quotes Of The Day 

Giving is a matter of the heart, don’t say its a matter of wealth

Better the most smallest present than the most magnificent meanness

Giving hands receive