Daily Focus 020

Putting the peace of the puzzle together one quote at a time. Today we elaborate on what exactly human technology is. Hearing before seeing, seeing before experience, the proof is in the practice.  Touching on the classic film Paid in Full. Crack, dope framing and perfect role selection.


Duration 20:00 

Quotes of the day 

Don’t do it is the best remedy for let it not be known

one who tells the truth makes no mistakes

telling the truth can dig a grave

a multitude of words can cloak a lie

my eyes look at me too.

Quotes from The Little Book of African Wisdom

Honorable Mentions 

Daily Focus 019

The topic of discussion is the Secret Language of Quotes, it seems like theres always a hidden gem tucked within the delicately weaved words quotes give life to. How far are you willing to go for a recipe? Some of yall are not built for the kitchen missions. Ebb and flow let the energy guide you as it should one refund at a time! Time is of the essence and C.R.E.A.M.  #019 Served Hot and Fresh with the white part of green onions cause thats where the flavor is.

Duration 16:00


Daily Focus 018

These quick cast can go one of two ways. Its either organized I make notes on the topics I would like to briefly discuss or I just turn the damn recorder on and start talking. This was a talking joint, rambles about the way music can take your mind to another dimension and making fun of clients that mercilessly lie to your face with a smile.  How Americans would use smart brain cream on their butt cheeks and the next 10 Yogis I will be generating some questions for. Another one…. and yes its late, relax.




Daily Focus 017

In This episode we reminisce on lessons learned being surrounded by Vodun Dolls while talking about Jimi Hendrixs doc Voodoo Child.  The inspiration you find out the blue. Big body dreams with red hairs and such. Quotes out the good book. The Throat is a god,  it takes sacrifices daily.  Here is your offering.

Daily Focus 016

Lightfoot the invisible opponent. Sometimes you have to use whatever you have as motivation to keep pushing forward on a run. We talk about the subtle differences in mental vs physical changes. The similarities between the Sirens Mythology and being in a room full of  women doing fire breaths. Its all about Mind control check this one out.

Duration 20:00

Daily Focus 015


In this quick cast we discuss a few movies, the art of re using an idea over and over to make greatness within Terminator. How the genius of Slow motion in Enter the dragon will make you drool. An old classic 187 from Samuel Jackson. The challenge of finding Yogi Selects  and patiently awaiting the return of questionnaires.  Know the game

Duration 20:21

Daily Focus 014

In this installment we take it nice and easy. A quick tale from the good book of life. There was a day I was walking in Miami and wanted to find a crystal shop and within seconds my wish was granted but it didn’t play out like normal. Tune in and listen to how the story unwinds.

Quote of the evening

“Riches are like prespiration, if you rest they dry up” 

“People who share with others seldom go hungry” 


Daily Focus 013

Ill begin adding a description to these even though i would prefer the audience to just listen. In this quick upload I discuss/review  the newly released movie Black & Blue (no spoilers). My opinion on Netflix and the upcoming Bikram documentary and other topics such as Does Freddie Gibs sound like Ja Rule??? noooooo cant unhear it now. Tune in and listen to how it all unfolds.

Duration 11:11