Daily Focus 071

I can’t afford to not record, but can you? I think so. Some moments were meant to remain off camera and only in memory. Isolation and time alone can become addicting. Words of wisdom family is your most important currency. The pleasures of watching people go through their first mushroom experience. Space to think and distance to forget, switching up your environment to get a new though flow. Recking paradise spots by bringing new people. Learning that have Pryor tendencies day by day. Enjoy


Quotes Of The Day 

Passion will obscure our sense so that we eat sad stuff and call it nectar

Theres always something left to love, if you ain’t learned that you ain’t learned nothing

A love song that cannot bear its own music hovers over the loves silence

Love is a spring time plant that perfumes everything with its hope, even the ruins in which it clings

Honorable Mention

Daily Focus 070

Ever have a weird type of dream ? familiar situations but in a different type a way?  I don’t associate too much with the dreams that occur due to the amount of wildness that can be found in my mind during sleep but these two were fascinating. There may be some dream Juju happening upon me. Watching fishing videos on youtube have a calming effect plus you learn. I plan on grabbing a line and going out on the waters myself soon. Wilder learned the lesson of mirror magic. Sometimes success can undermine your overall progress.  Patterns and people watch and observe. The pleasures of losing your memory for a few hours. Special guest cousin Rasheeda dropping some quotes on ya noggin.  Enjoy

Quotes Of The Day 

Everything understood doesn’t have to be said

Don’t ever put all your business out in public some things should remain a mystery.

Not everybody deserves an explanation

If you don’t want it to be seen in the light don’t do it in the dark

What you eat doesn’t make my stomach full , mine is not ours

Once you realize your imagination is as a tangible as your memory your experiences are limitless.

Love Live Life Proceed Progress

Instrumental – Diamond Traps 


Daily Focus 067

The world is back spinning at full speed, the words are flowing as I need them to once again. A quick Dr. Dolittle brush over, to me it was fun to look at but hard to watch. Learning the importance of leaving a positive impact on the world from Gil Scott Heron. The difference in influencing vs inspiring. Women don’t understand that there are some men that don’t want to get in your panties, shocking I know right. I be full, lets say it together “pla-ton-ic”. Updates on how I feel about micro-dosing psilocybin in combination with purple sea moss. Poker nights and almost missing flights in Vegas from pulling all nighter gambling sessions. Virtual reality can make reality feel dull  or force us to push beyond the boundaries set and that effect is still lingering upon the All Star weekend dunk contest. Corona conspiracy theories from reddit. We are here, we as in me.

Quotes Of The Day 

Without you I cant live with the part of me that wants to live without you

There is love of course and then theres life. Its enemy

There is very little difference between men and women in space

Loves a fire whether its going to warm your heart or burn down your house you can never tell.

Word of the day 

Platonic – (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.

Daily Focus 066

This twenty minutes felt like 2 days. These recordings can ease off the tongue like drool when the food taste good and the laughs wont stop or they can feel like your running through 20 miles of desert land with no water. Welcome to the Sahara, its rare that we are in this vibe but nonetheless the show must go on. Feeling venomous for various reasons. Professional crazy or crazy hobby, Is it real if your not getting paid for it? Munchies has possessed my tongue and the spirit of pizza and pu#%^ has found me.


Daily Quote 

The slight that burns twice as bright burns for half as long

Daily Focus 065


This one is off the top! Sometimes you have to flip the script and give it what comes natural. In this installment I share two childhood stories. One story is quite fishy and the other is the first time I had to run away from the police. Most of the crucial moments in my life involve me and my escape from the law. The best time to be in the gym is when nobody is there to distract from the fantasies conjured up in my mind. If you see me in your livestream know I’m just messing with you while I sip a Vanilla bean smoothie without vanilla bean in it the recipe is within the stream. We are here, we as in me.

Quotes Of The Day

Giving hands receive

Rest can not shorten the way, going ahead does

To walk for nothing is better than to sit down for nothing.

Where there is no wealth there is no poverty

Two buttcheeks can not avoid friction

Track – London Rock Freeestyle

Daily Focus 064

Another rainy day in the A. A trip to Costa Rica to play basketball aside the beach is long overdue. Running miles in the rain on a light dose of the magic.  Sometime everything they tell you will be enough, wont be … you will need more! What if you could only see the news you could afford to? Jury duty got me locked in for tomorrow, hopefully I wont get picked.

Quotes of the day 

If you don’t not hear from again, you are not listening

Love which is all-inclusive seems to repel us

We only keep what we lose

money can not buy love but it makes shopping for it alot easier

I want to do with you what spring does to cherry trees

The moon asked me to meet her in the. fields tonight I think she has amorous ideas


Instrumental – Dark Grind 33 

Daily Focus 063

We just broke out of voice over narration prison. Im learning that recording voiceover within structure of a book can feel very restricting plus challenging.  How does it feel getting a real good detailed look of how Ive spent money for the past few years.  Will Jay Electronica ever drop an album? Who knows i’m not holding my breath but ill listen IF it does.  Giving shout outs to my cousin Khalif for molding my editing mind, hes like the mad scientist in Dark City injecting memories into me (pause).  Tomorrow is Fight night and were going with JON BONES JONES as always.

Quotes Of The Day 

Our love is like the misty rain that falls softly but floods the river

There will always be a battle between the sexes because men and women want different things. Men want women and women want men.

Love is made by two people in different kinds of solitude

Genuine love is nothing but the attempt to exchange two solitudes

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot

Perhaps that is what love is the momentary or prolonged refusal to think of another person in terms of power

Instrumental – Diamond Dunes 

Daily Focus 062

A stormy night in Atlanta and I cant sleep.  The lightning is striking my epileptic and the mic is hot! No notes prepared for this one so its a bit random and long. Learning my lesson from Wesley Snipes and changing my willing ignorance toward taxes. Decriminalize Nature has made an effort to decriminalize psychedelic plants in Washington. How do you feel age? At the end of this there is a skit with the premise of if what if Willy Wonka was Raheem Wonka an old school Harlem pimp that don’t take no sugar coated shit from nobody… not even Charlie.

Honorable Mentions 

Crank Lucas


Instrumental at the end

Daily Focus 061

Older or younger women? Theres a lesson to be learned at all ages. Eating raw, fasting and all that good stuff keeps your stroke young. How much do you think your sex work is worth and why is it still illegal? Summer Camp tales of Bears, Fox and Basketball tournament riots. Call my moms tell her my will is weak, barely could bike 10 miles today.  Were here …… 061


Quotes of the day 

Love is a hole in the heart

To be a lover is not to make love but to find a new live

The love we give away is the only love we keep

Illusion is the first of all pleasures

When our hands are alone they open like faces, there is no shore to their opening

Daily Focus 060

Time for retrograde fun according to the astrological flow of stars planets moons and spaceships. Ever feel yourself willing to do whatever for the cyat? Some kittens purr in ways you wouldn’t believe. With that being said what animal would you want to talk? Have you ever been a meme, its how you become immortal on the internet so they say. Two different types of Amnesia that you won’t remember and I lightly discuss the film of the day  Event Horizon


Quotes Of The Day 

We always believe our first love is the last and that our last love is the first

Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absentminded. Someone sober will worry about things going badly, let the lovers be

Love is the wild card of existence

We had a lot in common, I loved her and she loved her

He can’t whisper he can’t tip toe and he wont hurry

Your hands hold roses always in a way that says they are not only yours.